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Driving the car in a fixed posture is the same as sitting on a chair and working in offices. Just like professionals, drivers tend to complain often about back pain and issues. Therefore, it is important to opt for back support pillows for driving cars. It is going to be highly effective on a long journey where the drivers have to sit for hours. Besides, the seating experience will be more comfortable. Check out the top 10 best back support pillows for driving cars along with the buying guide.

List of Top 10 Best Back Support Pillows for Driving Cars In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Everlasting Comfort Back Support Pillows

10. Everlasting Comfort Back Support Pillows

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Keep the back pain away by using this back support pillow for driving cars. The hypoallergenic 3D mesh cover also maintains proper breathability to keep you comfortable during hours of sitting or driving. Moreover, with the help of dual adjustable straps, you can conveniently install this lumbar support pillow against seats.

The universal contoured design of this memory foam cushion also naturally matches the anatomical structure of everyone. Furthermore, this lumbar support pillow is very much helpful in soothing chronic back pain. The orthopedic-recommended memory foam cushion works as a posture corrector to maintain the perfect alignment of your spine.

  • Lumbar support and high-quality material.
  • Hypoallergenic cover and adjustable straps.
  • Wide application and ergonomic design.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#9. LoveHome Lumbar Support Back Cushion

9. LoveHome Lumbar Support Back Cushion

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With the help of streamlining molded memory foam, the lumbar support pillow offers ultimate relief against back pain. The cover of this cushion also involves the construction of 3D mesh breathable to wick away the moisture. Moreover, the pillow is ideal to use with car seats, office chairs, recliners, and other seats.

The adjustable straps of this back support pillow for driving cars also let your snugly fit it against your car seats. Furthermore, the extension straps let you fit most of the seats of your office and home. The pillow offers exceptional lumbar support to maintain a healthy and correct body posture.

  • Better support and eliminates lower back pain.
  • Easy installation with adjustable straps.
  • Removable cover with improved breathability.
  • The straps are not very useful.

#8. ComfiLife Support Back Pillow

8. ComfiLife Support Back Pillow

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This lumbar support pillow comes with thick yet soft memory foam to offer ultimate relief against severe back pain. The chiropractor-recommended cushion also keeps your spine aligned even after hours of sitting. Moreover, this contoured memory foam naturally matches the curves of the human body to cure chronic back pain.

The 3D mesh cover of this pillow is also easily removable and keeps you breathable at any condition. Furthermore, this back support pillow for driving is suitable to use with car seats, computer seats, and other seating spots. The heat and weight responsive functions of this foam keep it warm during winter and cold in summer.

  • Long-lasting use with high-quality materials.
  • 3D ventilation mesh fabric and better posture.
  • Orthopedic support to the lower
  • There is no drawback as such.

#7. Back Support Pillow by RelaxSupport

7. Back Support Pillow by RelaxSupport

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Make each traveling or riding convenient by using this lumbar support pillow. Derived from premium-quality and high-density memory foam, the orthopedic-recommended pillow also offers exceptional support to your spine. Moreover, the pillow-cover has the construction of breathable cotton to wick away the moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable.

With the help of revolutionary lateral convex shape, the pillow also helps you to recover from chronic back pain faster. Furthermore, the supportive pillow is ideal for using during pregnancy to reduce back pain. The dedicated strap technology of this back support pillow for driving cars keeps this cushion in proper place.

  • Travel-friendly design for user advantage.
  • Adjustable straps and remains in place.
  • Memory foam for better comfort.
  • It is slightly on the smaller side.

#6. Back Support Pillows by Feagar

6. by Feagar

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From higher back to lower back, this high-back lumbar support pillow helps you to sit for hours with no difficulty. With the help of two adjustable and flexible straps, you can also attach this pillow to any car seat. Moreover, this multi-purpose lumbar support pillow is suitable to use for office or computer chair, wheelchair, and other sitting spots.

The breathable mesh cover with velvety texture also allows you to sit with comfort for hours. Furthermore, this removable cover is easily machine-washable. The contoured design of this cover keeps your spine in aligned condition while keeping away the chronic back pain.

  • Retains shape with high-quality material.
  • Removable cover and contoured design.
  • Molded memory foam for a soft feel.
  • The size can be bigger for more comfort.

#5. Samsonite Back Support Pillow

5. Samsonite Back

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Cure your back pain caused by long-term sitting in the same position by using this lumbar support pillow. You also use this back support pillow for driving cars to keep your back free of pain and fatigue. Moreover, the high-density memory foam fits the natural curves of your anatomy to keep your spine in aligned condition.

With the help of an adjustable strap, this lumbar support pillow also offers a snug-fitting on any car seat and sofa. Furthermore, the cushion allows you to ride safely on rocky cobblestone, poorly-paved freeways and off-road terrain without stressing your back. You can keep away your back pain with no difficulty.

  • Natural curvature for different road conditions.
  • Retains shape and easy to use.
  • Perfect fit and adjustable strap.
  • There is no negative point.

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#4. FORTEM Back Pillow for Car

4. FORTEM Back for Car

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The memory foam cushion for lumbar support makes your driving fatigue-free and convenient. This back support pillow for driving cars also comes with a removable and washable cover. Moreover, the cushion cover extends the lifespan of the cushion. The cushion comes with a high-density and soft foam easily matches the natural curves of your back to support the lumbar.

The mesh cover also offers enough breathability with the help of a 3D mesh texture. Furthermore, you can use this cushion in your office, home and other places where you have to sit for hours. The cushion cures you’re upper, mid and lower back pain and keeps your spine aligned while sitting.

  • Better comfort with premium quality materials.
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.
  • High performance and wide application.
  • There is no drawback at all.

#3. Vertteo High Back Pillow

3. Vertteo High Back

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From office desk chair to vehicle seat, this lumbar support cushion offers a comfortable seat for a longer time. The high-density and molded foam construction of this cushion also matches the natural curvature of your back. Moreover, you can keep your high, mid and lower back muscle tensions and fatigue-free. The long adjustable elastic strap and secure clasp keep the pillow in the proper place.

The therapeutic rest pillow also offers an exceptional cure against chronic back pain. Furthermore, the removable and hypoallergenic faux fur of this cushion is easily machine-washable. Suitable for most of the vehicles’’ seats, this pillow heals arthritis, scoliosis, herniated vertebral disc and mild sacral injury.

  • Universal compatibility for user advantage.
  • Easy to use and unique design.
  • High performance and improves sitting position.
  • It is not quite breathable.

#2. Dreamer Seat Lumbar Support

2. Dreamer Seat Lumbar

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This lumbar support cushion comes with an inner cotton cover to prolong the lifespan of the foam. You can also use this cushion to cure your sciatic and relieve tensed muscles. Moreover, this back support pillow for driving cars comes along with high-density foam to offer ultimate comfort. The strong buckles and a pair of adjustable straps of the lumbar support allow you to easily attach it against any car seat.

You can also raise the cushion higher with the help of the top elastic strap. Furthermore, you can easily attach and detach the lumbar support as per your requirement. The streamlined design of this cushion perfectly matches the natural curves of your body. So, you can keep your spine properly aligned while sitting for too long.

  • Relieves from muscle tension.
  • Removable cover and odorless foam.
  • Adjustable straps for an easy
  • It is little too mushy.

#1. VillSure Back Support Pillows

1. VillSure

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This lumbar support pillow helps you to keep your posture in a correct position at any condition. With the help of adjustable straps, this padded back cushion also works as an orthopedic backrest for chairs. Moreover, the breathable 3D mesh layer of the cushion allows you to sit comfortably for hours.

You can also utilize this as a back support pillow for driving and sitting in your office for a long time. Furthermore, the soft and thick foam of this cushion retains the natural shape for years. The natural curvature of this foam perfectly matches the curves of your body to improve posture and cure lower back pain.

  • Better support due to ergonomic design.
  • Wide application with adjustable straps.
  • Memory foam for high performance.
  • The cushion is on the harder side.

Buying Guide for Back Support Pillows for Driving Cars

The following list contains points to check in the best back support pillows for driving cars.


Support pillows for driving cars can come in different sizes and you will have to five the one that gives you a perfect fit. It makes sure you remain comfortable while you drive and provides superior support. You need to consider the support area and then make your buy. You need to pay attention to the dimension and find the right size according to your requirements.


Some can support the neck or head and some have the ability to support both head and neck. You will have to make sure if you need overall support or only support of the neck. Consider the one that comes in a sturdy design as it delivers better results. If it does not give better support, then you will find it uncomfortable and there can be a pain while you drive. Some will also allow you to combine it with the lumbar support wedge so that you can maintain a healthy posture.

Material and Construction:

The construction has to be durable and safe enough that makes it perfect for use. It must come with multiple benefits and allow you to use it easily. Sturdy memory foam offers better comfort and some can even come with beans. Go for the one that has easy maintenance and lets you clean it hassle-free. You can also see if it is made of moisture-wicking fabric that allows you to use it safely for extended hours.

Installation and Attachment:

Look for a support pillow that lets you install it easily. For this, you need to measure the space and then make your consideration. It has to come with elastic straps so that you can fasten it easily on the headrest of your car seat. Some can come with an assembly-free design that lets you have better convenience. They are easy to use and you can even use them on an airplane.


The back support pillows that come with lumbar support, they are the best, and even physicians prefer the same. Even in high-end cars, the perfect seats for human beings are not available, and these support pillows are something you have to buy immediately. If you are buying it for the first time, you have to keep in mind the buying guide so that you get all the parameters perfect.

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