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A baby taking the first step is a joyful occasion for everyone around her. But the babies cannot start walking all by themselves and parents need to provide walking assistant to help them move around and get used to walking. A baby walkers is the perfect walking assistant your baby needs, and it is designed in such a way that the babies will get attracted to them easily.

These have all the arrangements to entertain the babies, and they will think of it as a toy. Check out the top 10 best baby walkers for girls and boys below.

List of Top 10 Best Baby Walkers for Boys and Girls In 2022 – Reviews with Buying Guide

#10 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Baby Walker

10 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning baby walkers

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This activity walker is extremely multi-functional. The device also allows your toddlers to walk and sit conveniently. The device also comes along with four wheels to glide smoothly on every surface. Moreover, the baby walker effectively develops your babies’ gross motor skills. The piano keys help your babies to learn the basics of playing the piano.

The activity walker also comes along with over 70 music, song, and sound effects for your toddlers. Furthermore, the device is suitable for babies from 9-months to 3-years old. The telephone handset lets your babies enjoy their playtime talks. This tool comes with three shape sorters, two colorful spinning rollers, and three light-up buttons.

  • Consists of break-free gliding wheels.
  • Comes with 5 piano keys.
  • Works as an activity walker.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#9 Joovy Spoon Baby Walker, Greenie

9 Joovy Spoon baby walkers, Greenie

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The simple yet highly-functional baby walker comes with an oversized wide base to keep it stable and properly balanced. This device, with its sturdy construction, also comes with the maximum load-bearing capacity of 30-pounds. Moreover, the super-soft and padded seat of this walker helps your babies to sit comfortably.

The seat is also easily machine washable. Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the walker into three different positions. The walker has a large food tray, and it is entirely dishwasher-safe. The anti-slip stair pads keep your babies safe while walking. The construction is free of phthalate, BPA and PVC.

  • Helps to maintain babies’ balance.
  • Comes with anti-skid stair pads.
  • A padded and machine-washable seat.
  • The tray in the front seems too big.

#8 Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

8 Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

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The baby walker helps your toddlers to sit and walk without any difficulty. This safari-themed device also attracts and motivates your babies to walk all by themselves. Moreover, this walker comes with lighting, music, and special sounds to play with it. This device comes along with toys as well. You can carry this device around almost everywhere.

This walker also has a wide base to keep it safe and stable while walking. Furthermore, the four wheels help your babies to glide on every surface without any hassle. This device has a food tray in front of it. The walker is easily three different levels of height adjustment.

  • Comes with melodious sound and musical effects.
  • The construction is three-level adjustable.
  • Consists of an oversized base.
  • It is not suitable for carpet floor.

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#7 Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Baby Walkers

7 Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n Lights Discovery Baby Walkers

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This activity walker comes with a foldaway design for hassle-free storage and transportability. With the help of a wide non-slip base, the device also stays in place and offers stability to the construction. Moreover, the walker comes along with two swing-open lids at the front of it to reveal areas for foods or toys.

The removable lids also have attached toys, so your babies can play with them while walking or sitting. Furthermore, the colorful padded seat of the walker offers a comfortable seat for your babies. Even, the seat is easily machine washable. The device is three positions height adjustable to keep your babies at their comfortable height.

  • Comes with a large food tray.
  • Foldaway design for better storage.
  • Comes along with several attached toys.
  • The build quality could have been better.

#6 Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker, Bees Knees

6 Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker, Bees Knees

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The built-to-last baby walker involves high-grade material construction to keep your toddlers safe. The ultra-wide and steady base of this device also keeps it stable and balanced while walking. Moreover, the walker comes with three different positions of adjustable design for your babies’ convenience. The seat of this device comes with a removable and supports easy machine wash.

The padded seat also helps your toddlers sit comfortably. Furthermore, there is a large food or toy tray to keep your babies’ necessary items close to your hands. The base comes along with four sturdy wheels which easily glide on the carpets and floors.

  • Child-safe material construction.
  • Extra wide and sturdy base to maintain balance.
  • The wheels are suitable for multiple surfaces.
  • It is difficult to clean properly.

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#5 Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walkers

5 Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walkers

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This 2-in-1 baby walker not only allows your babies to walk but also lets your babies sit on it. The device is also able to take the maximum load of 26-lbs. Moreover, this activity walker works as a walk-behind walker. The seat of this device is easily machine washable. The multi-direction wheels help your babies walk with ease.

The anti-skid base of this walker also keeps your babies safe from falling. Furthermore, the seat has a foam filling to deliver a comfortable seat for the toddlers. The toy bar comes along with multiple child-safe toys and a food tray at the front of the walker.

  • This walker has multi-directional front wheels.
  • Comes with a removable toy bar with toys.
  • Suitable for both walking and sitting.
  • The wheels are not rubber padded.

#4 Baby Trend Trend Walker Zoo-ometry

4 Baby Trend Trend Walker Zoo-ometry

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This baby walker comes along with a wide-base to keep your toddlers safe from disbalancing or falling. The wide-base also offers enough stability to the device to keep your babies safe. Moreover, there is a huge tray in front of the walker to hold food or toys. This device comes along with a detachable toy bar with a pair of cute lion and monkey toys.

The baby walker also easily folds down into a compact design for convenient storage. Furthermore, with the help of four easy-gliding wheels, the device helps your babies to walk with ease. The front wheels are multi-directional to let them walk in any direction.

  • It is a playful activity walker.
  • Makes the funny noise of animals.
  • Comes with a collapsible design.
  • The design could have been better.

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#3 Fisher-Price Laugh, Learn Smart Stages Learn with Sis Walker

3 Fisher-Price Laugh, Learn Smart Stages Learn with Sis Walker

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This baby walker not only helps your babies to learn walking faster but also allows them to sit and stand on it. The cute-looking device also comes with sturdy wheels to let them walk without any hassle. Moreover, the activity walker consists of over 75 preset songs, phrases, and sounds for your babies. The equipment introduces your toddlers with Spanish words, alphabets, numbers, color, and so on.

The interactive panel also helps your children to develop their gross motor skills. Furthermore, your babies can learn about the cause and effect as well. The light-up piano-keys assist your kids in learning the basic of the music while playing.

  • It is an interactive baby walker.
  • Develops toddlers’ gross motor skills.
  • Comes with several preset sing-along songs.
  • There is no negative point.

#2 Little Tikes 3-In-1 Activity Walker – Pink

2 Little Tikes 3-In-1 baby walkers – Pink

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This activity walker helps your babies to learn walking faster and safer way. The colorful jungle-themed device also seems to be attractive to your toddlers. Moreover, with a convenient handle, the walker helps your babies to have a comfortable grip over it. This 3-in-1 activity walker comes with a foldable design for convenient storage.

This device also folds down into an activity panel or as an activity table. Furthermore, the device projects colorful lights to make your babies walk faster to chase the lights. This panel consists of a spinning toucan ball, peek-a-boo lion and monkey slider to produce the funny noise of animals.

  • Works as an activity table or panel.
  • Comes with beautiful color projection.
  • Works as a toy for babies.
  • It is very difficult to turn.

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#1 KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker

1 KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walkers

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This activity walker comes with the graphic inspired by the DC comic batman car. The walker also has swivel steering wheels, attached key, and gear shifter. Moreover, the activity walker produces sounds like a car. The walker for babies comes with flashlights and vibrates like a car when they play with it.

This device is also suitable for the babies within the age group of 6 to 18-months. Furthermore, the collapsible design of this walker allows you to store or carry it around without any hassle. The device comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 26-lbs. The polyester foam and cover are easily machine washable.

  • It is a DC theme-based baby walker.
  • Comes with an optimal load-bearing capacity.
  • Offers a comfortable seat for babies.
  • There is no con to point out.

Buying Guide for Baby Walkers

To keep your baby relaxed in a quality baby walkers, you should check these factors while buying a baby walker:


The baby walkers can be dangerous if not watched properly. However, it is the basic need that your toddlers have to be stay secured while walking with the help of a walker. You cannot select a walker which is not good in quality. In that case, you must look for a walker which comes with safe and durable construction to keep your babies safe while using it. It is always preferable to own a walker which can accommodate the weight of your tots accordingly.

Height Adjustable:

As your kids are growing faster day by day, so it is better to aim for a walker which comes with several height adjustable functions. If you do not want to repeatedly waste your money of the same product, so it is smarter to purchase a baby walker which can grow with your toddlers.

Weight Bearing Capacity:

To keep your babies safe and comfortable, you should purchase a walker which has a proper load-bearing capacity as per your babies’ age and weight. A walker should be proportionate as per your little one’s body measurement, height, and weight. An overweight walker can be laborious for your kids and can badly decrease their urge to walk. On the other hand, the lightweight ones can be risky as they will increase the speed of your babies walk and they can meet some accident.


The comfortable matters the most in case of buying a baby walker. A baby has to feel safe about their surroundings, so if you want your toddler to walk, you must provide him/her a soft to touch and cozy baby walker. In this case, you can go for the walker which comes with a padded seat.

Other Features:

Most of the modern baby walkers come with a collapsible design to match the modern décor of the apartments or any tight space. Even, some of these walkers have some activity table, toys, food trays, and other tools to make them versatile and suitable for long term use.

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We have listed the best baby walkers of various types so that you have a variety of options to choose from. Therefore, it is important for you to go through each of them before choosing one. It is equally important to go through the buying guide before going through the products to understand them better and compare accordingly. All these are safe and available for different age groups of babies.

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