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While doing any work, you need to sit in a comfortable position. To have exceptional comfort, you can make use of an adjustable under desk footrest. It comes in a highly functional design and offers you multiple options. Some will allow you to use it from anywhere you want. Adjustable under desk footrest comes in an ergonomic design. It helps to reduce fatigue and pressure. It delivers exceptional performance and prevents the dangling of your legs. Here is the list of the top 10 best adjustable foot rests under desk.


10 HUANUO Adjustable Foot Rests Under Desk


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Giving you the advantage to choose from two different heights, this lets you have a better comfort. The adjustable under desk footrest comes with foam pillow for better support. Additionally, it is in practical design and includes massaging microbeads. You will also find a magic tape that helps to improve circulation.

Furthermore, this is easy to use and comes with better ergonomics. You can adjust the height conveniently, and it comes with smooth zipper covers. It is composed of machine-washable fabric so that you can have easy cleaning. Moreover, it helps to remove any kind of discomfort so that you can focus on your work. It has wide applications as you can use it from anywhere you want.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-functional design for comfort.
  • Advanced designed mechanism for stress-free experience.
  • Easily maintainable design for longevity.


9 Mount-It! Adjustable Footrest


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Here is an adjustable under deck footrest that comes with better ergonomics. It lets you have a comfortable experience and provides you with elevated feet. Additionally, this can be perfect for reducing fatigue and strain. You can easily adjust the height and as well as angle. This can be ideal for reducing pressure while sitting. Furthermore, this lets you have an easy operation with foot pedal control.

You don’t have to worry about leaving your chair, and you can easily collect from five levels. In this, you will find rollers that help to alleviate discomfort. Moreover, it offers non-skid support so that there can be improved control. It is also very durable and includes rubber grips. This will provide you massaging feel, and you don’t have to worry about sliding.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Sturdy material for enhanced durability.
  • Retractable design for easy modification.
  • Slip-resistant base for improved stability.


8 5 STARS UNITED Foot Rest Under Desk Cushion


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The adjustable footrest under desk comes along with an extra pad. Therefore, you can adjust the height as per your needs. Moreover, the orthopedic-recommended cushion improves your blood circulation. This footstool keeps your spine in a properly aligned condition. Therefore, you can relieve pain in your feet and leg muscles. The memory foam padding delivers a soft touch to your feet. The skid-resistant bottom keeps the pad stable on any floor.

The zippered mesh cover also makes cleaning convenient for users. Furthermore, the breathable mesh cover never makes your feet wet and stinky. This cushion effectively reduces your work stress and increases your energy level. The curved, reversible cushion offers static and moving operations. Putting your feet on this footstool can alleviate your lower back pain.

Reasons To Buy –

  • High-performance configuration for healthy experience.
  • Advanced functional design for comfort.
  • Adaptable design for consumer satisfaction.


7 LEQUDUO Wooden Rocking Footrest Under Desk


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This adjustable footrest under desk has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 380-lbs. The adjustable rocking mechanism also improves the functionality of this accessory. Moreover, the pure wooden construction prolongs the lifespan of this footstool. You can place this compact tool under your desk or table. By correcting your body posture, this footrest improves your blood circulation. The skid-resistant rubber mat on the platform keeps your feet stable.

The horse-nail texture also ensures rigidity and stability. You can place this footrest on carpets, corks, wood, and other surfaces. Furthermore, this multifunctional footstool is suitable for people of different age groups. This tool involves the construction of solid hardwood plywood. The side handles help you to move this accessory with no trouble. You can use this tool in your house and workspaces.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Sturdy construction for improved weight capacity.
  • Flexible design for user comfort.
  • Cross-functional design for comfortable experience.


6 BNC Premium Adjustable Angle Foot Rest


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The textured platform improves your blood circulation. Therefore, this adjustable footrest under desk also alleviates your leg muscle pain. Moreover, the large platform comes with slip-resistant beads. Therefore, you can keep your feet stable on this footrest. The tilting footrest offers a rocking motion. You can continuously move your feet to reduce numbness. This footrest involves the construction of durable polystyrene material.

The impact-resistant construction also extends the lifespan of this model. Furthermore, the lightweight, travel-friendly model is suitable to use while traveling. The massage beads help you to reduce your stress. You can use this tool while wearing your socks or barefoot. The ergonomic design of this footrest helps you to keep your feet in your desired angles. This accessory improves your sitting posture and spine alignment.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Broad construction for superior comfort.
  • Easy maintainable and flexible design for performance.
  • Easy weight design for maneuverability.


5 Mount-It! Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest


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This adjustable footrest under desk comes with the textured platform. Therefore, this accessory also promotes proper blood circulation. Moreover, the textured design eases your feet and leg pain. The platform supports tilting from zero to a 30-degree angle. Therefore, the rocking motion reduces the chances of leg and feet numbness. You can elevate the footrest up to three different levels. This practical accessory effectively diminishes stress. It is one of the best adjustable foot rests under desk.

The wide platform also helps you to put your legs comfortably. Furthermore, the height of the footstool is adjustable from 4.3 to 6.7-inch. This accessory has the construction of durable and impact-resistant plastic material. You can place your bare feet without any hassle. The lightweight, compact structure helps you to carry this footrest with ease. This accessory is ideal to use under a desk or table.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Easy setup and operational design for comfort.
  • Multiple-use design for satisfaction.
  • Spacious design for comfortable experience.


4 VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Foot Rest


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This adjustable footrest under desk has the construction of durable steel material. You can also adjust the height of the stand from 5 to 10-1/4-inch. Moreover, the wide base offers enough space. Therefore, you can easily place your feet. The footrest helps you to decrease stress. You can keep your feet and legs free of pain. The textured platform also keeps your feet stable. Overall, it is one of the best adjustable foot rests under desk.

You can also use this base to reduce back stress and leg pain. Furthermore, this footrest never requires any complicated assembly. The multi-point height adjustment functions help individuals to fit their needs. The rubber-padded grip lets you shift this footrest from one space to another. From standing to sitting positions, the functional accessory alleviates pain. The rubber feet never leave a mark on the floor.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Slip-resistant design for enhanced stability.
  • Highly modifiable structure for satisfaction.
  • Sturdy rust-proof design for comfort.


3 HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest


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This adjustable under-desk foot rest comes with slip-resistant feet. Then you can put your feet comfortably on the footrest. The frame height is 3-level height-adjustable. Moreover, the pre-assembling configuration rarely needs installation. This footrest improves the circulation of your blood. Therefore, you can keep your body in the right place. You can keep your body in the right posture. However, you can keep your legs and feet in an elevated condition.

You can increase the stand’s height from 4.3 to 6.7-inch. Besides, you can tilt the footrest angle from zero to 30 degrees. The skid-resistant surface avoids any misplacement of the footrest. The geometric beads on this platform reduce pain. This platform moves back and forth. Such motion also eliminates numbness in the legs and feet.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-angle modifiable design for comfort.
  • Advanced stress-managing features for healthy experience.
  • Robust design for enhanced robustness.


2 Leermart Adjustable Foot rests


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This adjustable foot rests under desk have a practical design. The smooth levers also help you to raise the height accordingly. Moreover, this ultra-durable footrest withstands up to 120-pounds of weight. You can use this footrest in the home, office, car, train and other spaces. The leather upholstered cushion keeps your feet in a comfortable position. This footrest also supports four levels of height adjustments.

The metal handles and ABS bottom plate make this adjustable foot rest extremely durable. Furthermore, you can use this footrest as a temporary maintenance cushion. This footstool also offers a temporary sitting spot while traveling. You can use this stool for doing pedicure. The upholstery is slip-resistant, and you can detach the cushion accordingly. This footrest also includes massaging beads to keep your feet cozy.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Dynamic corrosion-resistant design for longevity.
  • Easy to transfer design for consumer comfort.
  • Multi-functional design for satisfaction.


1 ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rests Under Desk


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These adjustable foot rests under desk comes with a thick foam layer. Therefore, your feet feel soft and comfortable. Moreover, dissimilar to the plastic footrests, this pad feels uniform and plush. The suppleness of this pad is beyond explanation. These pads are available in breathable mesh or premium velvet. You can also conveniently keep your feet in a perfect position.

Therefore, your feet will never go numb. Furthermore, this ergonomic pad maintains proper blood circulation. The proper foot positioning keeps you lumbar a proper alignment. This pad also helps you to maintain a perfect body position while sitting. You can place this footrest under your knees while sleeping. Therefore, this functional pad releases your muscle stiffness. You can also increase the height of this footrest up to 2-inch.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Unique adjustable design for user comfort.
  • Effortlessly maintainable design for longevity.
  • Finest quality material for long-lasting experience.

Buying Guide For Adjustable Foot Rests Under Desk –

Check out the following list of points when buying.


To make sure there will be long lasting use, you need to see if it has high quality construction. Select the one that is composed of premium quality materials.

Comfort of adjustabel foot rests:

Always see if it can deliver exceptional comfort. You will have to go for the one that comes in an ergonomic design. Look for the one that offers perfect support to your feet. The one that comes with a textured surface will let you have a relaxed feeling.


You need to see if the product lets you have easy maintenance. Some of it can come in a machine-washable design to provide you better convenience.


Look at the overall design and see if it provides perfect support. Some can provide a massage feel that helps to relieve pressure and strain. Consider the one that offers you better flexibility. It must allow you to adjust it in all directions. It must deliver optimum performance and has to be safe to use.

Easy to Use:

See if the adjustable footrest under desk lets you use it conveniently. Some of it will allow you to choose from multiple levels. Always go for the one that lets you have custom comfort.


You need to see that the product comes with better stability. It must come with a strong grip so that there can be stable performance. For this, you need to see if it comes in a non-slip design.


Select the one that offers you multiple options. The adjustable footrest for under desk must not provide any discomfort. You can see if it offers multiple benefits and improves circulation. Some can come with a floor protection system.

Conclusion –

When you are working on the desk for hours, you should have an adjustable foot rest under your desk. There are different types of these adjustable foot rests available with different types of settings. We have listed the best possible adjustable foot rests and you should check all the products before choosing one.

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