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Automatic pool cleaners will let you have better convenience while cleaning your swimming pool. It lets you save effort and time and ensures there will be hassle-free maintenance of your pool. It comes with multiple features and can operate with suction or pressure. Automatic pool cleaners collect the sediment and debris with less human interference. The product is quick to operate and automatically navigates the pool. Check out the following list contains the top 10 best automatic pool cleaners to pick from.

Table of the Best Automatic Pool Cleaners Reviews

10. PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaners for  Inground/Above Ground Pool Cleaner with Wall Climbing Function & Large Filter Basket

Automatic Pool Cleaners

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This automatic pool cleaner works with most of the in-ground swimming pools. The robotic pool cleaner also comes with an advanced intelligent computer program. Therefore, this model can efficiently clean your pools automatically without your assistance. Moreover, the cleaner comes with timer settings. So, you can set the cleaning schedules for 1, 2, and 3-hours.

This pool cleaner can also clean a pool up to 50-feet. Furthermore, the model comes with a tangle-free cord. With the help of 4 pieces of PVA sponge roller brushes, the cleaner offers effective and deep cleaning. The pool cleaner has strong absorbing power. Therefore, this model can trap down tough dirt from the waterlines, walls, and floor of the pools.


  • Carefully filters the pool water.
  • Provides a deep clean.
  • Comes with auto clean setting.

9. Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner for Swimming Pools

Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner for Swimming Pools

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This automatic pool cleaner is effective enough to clean most of the pools up to 33-feet. The top-load filter basket of this model also offers hassle-free debris removal. Moreover, the cleaner can clean a pool within 2-hours. This energy-efficient model offers rapid water release. Therefore, this lightweight model picks up debris from the swimming pools.

The robotic pool cleaner also comes with large-sized wheels. So, this automatic model effortlessly climbs and cleans the vertical walls of the swimming pools. Furthermore, the model can work on different surfaces, like plaster, gunite, tile, plaster, and more. This energy-saving tool does not require an extra pool pump or filter for cleaning various swimming pools.


  • Saves energy every pool cleaning.
  • Cleaning the pool is effortless.
  • Pool ready for splashing in just-2-hours.

8. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner with Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushes and Multiple Filter Options

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This robotic pool cleaner is able to clean a pool up to 50-feet. The plug-n-play function of this model is also perfect for cleaning most of the in-ground swimming pools. Moreover, the weekly scheduler function of this cleaner lets users set the weekly cleaning routine for this model. The robotic cleaner comes along with a tangle-free swivel cable.

The model also comes with 3 different filter options. Furthermore, this cleaner works with ultra-fine cartridge filters, bottom-load fine cartridge filters, and oversized fine filter bags. The dual-scrubbing brushes of this model thoroughly remove debris and tough dirt. This device is efficient enough to eliminate debris from waterlines, walls, floor, and coves within 3-hours.


  • Delivers a smart and efficient clean.
  • Comes with multiple filter options.
  • Features anti-tangle patented swivel cable.

7. Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum Pool Cleaner

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With the help of a 90-minutes rapid cleaning cycle, this automatic pool provides stress-free pool cleaning. The robotic model also comes along with a 24-volt motor. Therefore, this motor consumes lesser energy while cleaning the pools with excellent efficiency. Moreover, the cleaning cycle removes debris from pool walls, floors, waterlines, and coves. The model works with most of the in-ground pools up to 20X40-feet.

The advanced polyester cartridge filter system also helps users to remove debris without any hassle. Furthermore, the model works efficiently without any pump, hookup, and spare hose. The intelligent microprocessor-based technology, along with the onboard pump, generates strong suction power to offer deep cleaning. This model uses a little amount of water for backwashing.


  • Extra hookups/pumps, hoses not required.
  • Efficient motor using less energy.
  • Features a unique cartridge filter system.

6. QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner – Automatic Wall-Climbing Swimming Pool Cleaner

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This automatic pool cleaner cleans most of the above and in-ground swimming pools up to 50-feet. The waterproof design of this model also allows users to leave it underwater throughout the days. Moreover, the cleaner has 2 powerful motors and 2 pairs of scrubbing brushes. So, this model can keep your pool completely clean and well-maintained.

Equipped with 3 large filter baskets, this model also automatically traps down debris and tough debris. Furthermore, by simply pressing a button, you can open the top covers of these filters. Therefore, this cleaner makes debris removal easier for everyone. The smart robotic technology of this cleaner captures leaves, debris, and algae from the pools.


  • Enjoy quality time in the hot summer.
  • Consists of effortless filter cleaning.
  • Sucks up all algae and debris.

5. Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot

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The robotic pool cleaner automatically traps down up to 95% of debris from the swimming pools. This automatic pool cleaner also can eliminate leaves, pollens, dust, bacteria, and debris. Moreover, the chemical dispenser tray of this model can hold up to trichlor tablets. The solar-powered makes this model exceptionally energy-conserving. With the help of intelligent, learning AI and software, the cleaner has advanced navigation.

The removable debris tray of this cleaner also offers conveniently debris removal. Furthermore, the tray can trap down ultra-fine materials. The filter includes a nylon mesh to prevent debris and dirt from re-entering the pools. The front bumper wheels rotate and redirect this model to cover the surface and floor of the pools.


  • Solar breeze NX navigates the pool.
  • Comes with increased collection capacity.
  • Features solar-powered and durable.

4. Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner with Bluetooth and Massive Top-Load Cartridge Filters

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Suitable for the pools up to 50-feet, this automatic pool cleaner is perfect for most of the large residential pools. The smart navigation and scanning software also let users set the cleaning route of the model with ease. Moreover, the robotic cleaner comes along with a tangle-free swivel cable. This model includes a weekly cleaning scheduler function. Therefore, you can set the schedule for cleaning for a week.

The huge top-loading cartridge filters of this cleaner also capture ultra-pine debris with precision. Furthermore, with the help of dual-scrubbing brushes, this model conveniently and thoroughly removes bacteria, algae, and tough contaminants. This cleaner is efficient enough to eliminate debris from walls, waterlines, and swimming floors within 2.5-hours.


  • Consists of dual scrubbing brushes.
  • Features massive top-loading cartridge filters.
  • Hassle-free cleaning and simple usage.

3. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

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This automatic pool cleaner makes better compatibility with the filter pumps within the flow rate of 1600 to 3500-GPH. The model is also efficient enough to clean a pool surface without anyone’s assistance. Moreover, you can vacuum the pool by connecting this cleaner to a 24-feet long hose. The cleaner works with most of the above-ground swimming pools with 1.5-inch hose fittings.

The smooth-rolling wheels of this cleaning tool also climb vertical surfaces with precision. Furthermore, the automatic reverse direction mode of this model automatically cleans the pool floor with ease. You need to remove the air pockets from the hose to increase the performance of this suction pool cleaner.


  • The structure is a stable material.
  • Features hassle-free pool maintenance.
  • The hose attaches easily to existing pool inlet.

2. Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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This suction pool cleaner automatically removes debris from the pool surfaces, like vinyl, tile, concrete, and fibreglass. Featured with cyclonic vacuum technology, this cleaner also traps down maximum debris. Moreover, the model conveniently connects directly with most of the dedicated 1.5-inch vacuum lines and skimmers. This automatic pool cleaner works with most of the in-ground pools.

The 2-speed adjustable cleaner also works with most of the solar-powered, variable-speed pumps. Furthermore, with the help of advanced dual-navigation, the cleaner provides 360-degree coverage with no blind spot. This model systematically cleans waterlines, walls, and floors of different sized and shaped swimming pools. The wide tires of this cleaning device offer better manoeuvrability on vertical surfaces.


  • Equipped with an ultra-efficient power source.
  • Comes with cyclonic vacuum technology.
  • Functions in all in-ground pools.

1. Dolphin Triton Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner for In-ground Swimming Pools

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This robotic pool cleaner is a perfect gear for cleaning a swimming pool up to 50-feet. The automatic pool cleaner can clean a pool within 2-hours. You can also use this model to clean vertical places, like intense walls. Moreover, the deep cleaning function of this device automatically scrubs the waterlines. This energy-efficient model comes with an efficient filtering system. Therefore, it can pick up debris and dirt from each corner of the swimming pools.

This self-powered machine also requires no additional power sources, like pool pumps or filters. Furthermore, the weekly schedule function lets users set the cleaning time for a week. With the help of quick water-release function, this cleaner offers hassle-free removing from the swimming pools.


  • Make delivers a deep clean.
  • Consists of energy-efficient and sustainable.
  • Comes with superior filtering capabilities.


The automatic pool cleaners are becoming extremely popular as they are quite efficient and effective in cleaning. People have the least time in hand for daily chores, and automation is the only solution to manage time properly. There are different types of automatic pool cleaners available in the online market, and therefore, you should check all of them before buying one.

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