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Putting your ATV through the mud can be an exhilarating experience, one that you will want to do over and over. One way to make that activity even more fun is to use a set of the top 10 best ATV tires in 2022.

These tires are designed to give you the traction you want when you need it. Plus, they are tough tires that should resist punctures and other tire dangers. When you need to travel through the mud safely, go with the best ATV mud tires available.

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List Of Top 10 Best ATV Mud Tires in 2022

10. Wanda Full Set Super Lug

Super Lug Mud ATV

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Get the traction for your 96-08 Polaris Sportsman 500 by spending your money on this top set of mud tires. Made to fit 25×8-12 & 25×11-10 wheels, you have a great set of tires to rely on.

Also, you get full knob traction. The treads on these tires are second to none and move the mud away quickly. Then their 6-py construction resists punctures and other tire dangers with ease. Made from nylon so you can drive with peace of mind

On top of that, this set of 4 tires work on all terrain to make sure you can get where you are going fast. Tread depth is just over an inch and the tires can hold 340 and 455 pounds of weight at 7 psi.



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When you like to [participate in the competition, these race tires are there to help you out. Once you put these tires on your ATV you get 6 plies of nylon protection that resist cuts and punctures.

In addition to that, the 28×9-12 & 28×11-12  tires come with a deep tread to make sure you have a shot at winning your race. The tough rubber works on most surfaces you encounter and give you a great edge in racing your competitors.

The maximum load each tire can carry is 655 pounds at 14 psi for the front and 737 at 14 psi for the rear tires. Tread depth is at just under an inch. But it is still deep enough to clear the mud away so you do not get stuck.

8. Full set of Interco Swamp Lite Mud Tires

Interco Swamp Lite

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These top 28×9-14 and 28×11-14 ATV tires help propel you through the mud and grime with ease. Once they are placed on your rims, you should get the traction you need through their deep tread.

The knobs on the tire should work on most surfaces you drive over while making sure mud is not a problem for you. On top of that, you have 6 ply strength making sure your new tires do not get damaged by nails and other fire hazards.

The inch and half deep treads make sure you can climb just about any slippery hill. Also, you get the same traction whether in a 4w or 2w drive. That should build your confidence up in these tires and let you drive with a little caution.

7. Full set of ITP Mud Lite Tires

 ITP Mud Lite

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Your ATV should be ready for your next off-road experience once you put these XL tires on your ATV’s rims. Measuring only XL 28×10-14 and 28×12-14 in size, these tires should fit your ATV easily.

Once on your ATV, your ATV should not be a prisoner of the mud you like to drive through. You should have great traction as well as a steady ride. The deep treads move the mud out so you do not get stuck trying to drive up a hill.

Plus, their deep nylon ply makes sure these tires stay on your ATV for a long time to come. When you want top results, you use those tires that are top of the line like this set.

6. Full set of Gorilla Silverback ATV Mud Tires

Gorilla Silverback

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There is a reason why these tires are called Gorilla Silverbacks. They cling to your ATV and drive it through the mud without hassle. Their grip on the solid surface makes sure mud, and slippery terrain does not derail your success.

With their deep tread, there should be no race track that is too difficult for you and your ATV. Then their top quality nylon construction these tires are durable as well as tough. You should skate by those tire hazards without damaging them.

In addition, you get tires that help your ATV move across your race track like a pro. Your race results will not only be from your driving skills but from your use of these tires.

5. TERACHE Atlas Premium ATV All Terrain Tires

TERACHE Atlas Premium

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Matching these mud tires should not be a problem. They fit most ATVs that can hold 28×9-12 & 28×11-12 tires. Once on your ATV, you should get great traction and be able to power your way to the finish line without difficulties.

Then their versatility allows you to use these tires on go-carts, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles you like to drive. With 8 ply protection, they should not go that flat through cuts and punctures.

Also, the tread is angled just right to make sure the tires throw the mud aside giving you top traction throughout your race or ride. 12 psi is all you need to hold 782 and 760 pounds of weight.

4. SuperATV Assassinator Mud Tires

SuperATV Assassinator Mud

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The tread is almost as big as the tire itself. That size of tread lets everyone know you mean business when you go through the mud. After you put these 29.5×8-14 your ATV should have the sure-footedness it needs to climb every mountain it faces.

On top of the tread size, you get 6 ply construction to make sure these tires do not blow out on you in the first turn or even the first race. They are tough and durable tires that hold up well under tough off-road conditions.

Plus, these tires can hold over 600 and 700 pounds at 6 and 10 psi. How you inflate them is up to you. The 3-inch tread depth is also self-cleaning.

3. Full set of Maxxis Zilla ATV Mud Tires

Maxxis Zilla

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Having a good set of mud tires on your ATV is essential if you are going to be competitive and have a little fun. These top 28×9-14 and 28×11-14 ATV mud tires work hard so you can enjoy your ATV events with peace of mind.

The self-cleaning tires throw the mud away from your path letting your ATV hit the solid ground to move forward quickly. With 6 ply construction, you know the tires will last you for a while.

After you get back on hard surfaces, the tread on these tires won’t rattle your teeth but give you a smoother ride. On top of that, their lightweight won’t weigh your ATV down or make you use more power to get where you are going.

2. Pair of ITP Mud Lite XL ATV Tires

ITP Mud Lite XL

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Mud racing and off-road driving have thrilled drivers for a generation or more. One way to keep that thrill is to swi6ch to these 27×10-12 mud tires. They work hard so you can get more enjoyment out of your off-road hobby.

The just over 1-inch lugs make sure you can cross muddy and slippery terrain without the hassle or losing time. These self-cleaning lugs clear away the mud giving you a solid surface to drive on.

Then the lightweight tires come with 6 ply construction to make sure you are not stopped by a puncture or a cut. The center tread provides you with a radial ride every time you use your ATV.

1.  Powersports Bundle BKT AT 171 ATV Mud Tires

Full set of BKT

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You may get bored doing your ATV hobby as these top mud tires work their way through the mud with ease. You should not get stuck once you place this set of 30×9-14 on your vehicle.

Also, these tires pull well and rode great. That is what you can expect from a mud tire that makes this top ten list. The deep tread moves the mud out fast so you get great traction all the time.

After you put these tires on, their 148-pound weight should not slow you down or cause you any problems as you drive. The standard 6 ply construction materials also make these tires some of the safest in your ATV world.


When you go off-road, you want to get to your destination fast. Plus, you do not want to get stuck in any mud holes along the way. These top 10 best ATV mud tires in 2022 make sure you have great traction and that you make it to your next stop without issue.

These tires are made from some of the best quality construction materials. That quality makes sure these tires withstand the tire’s hazards your path throws their way. Nothing but the best will do in your ATV hobby.

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