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An Android TV box offers versatility and transforms your television viewing experience. You can transform your conventional TV into a smart TV and use it for watching television, playing online games, browsing the internet, or video streaming. It also lets you download media files and do many other things for entertainment. Android 9.0 TV boxes can have many other advanced features that will let you do much more for a better experience. The following list contains the top 10 best Android 9.0 TV boxes reviews in 2020.

List of Top 10 Best Android 9.0 TV Boxes In 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Android 9.0 TV Box by pendoo

10. Android 9.0 TV Box by pendoo

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The Android television box comes with multiple features so that you can have a comfortable experience. In this, you will find dual Wi-Fi along with an antenna that improves connectivity. Moreover, there will be no lagging and easily adjust the angle of the antenna. Furthermore, this supports 4K format, and this also comes with 4GB of the disk drive.

It has a large memory and is in a user-friendly design. You can easily expand the storage, and it includes multiple USB slots for your advantage. Additionally, you can easily switch from multiple apps as it comes with an easy to use remote control.

  • 4K support for clear pictures.
  • Goes with different apps and software.
  • Lag-free experience and large capacity.
  • The app interface is not good.

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#9. Android 9.0 TV Box by Bqeel

9. Android 9.0 TV Box by Bqeel

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Available in a complete set, the Android television box will let you use it conveniently. This has a large memory of 64 GB, and the flash RAM is of 4 GB. Furthermore, the remote control ensures that you use it hassle-free, and this comes with Bluetooth and dual Wi-Fi. With it, you can watch a clear picture as this supports 4K format.

Moreover, it has a variety of interfaces as it includes a USB port that can support mouse and keyboard. Additionally, it can be perfect for any family and let you have a great time at home. With it, you can easily transform your home theatre, and you can play online games.

  • Allows using for different purposes.
  • Compatible with mouse and keyboard.
  • USB port and 64 GB memory.
  • It does get heated a little.

#8. Pendoo X6 PRO Android TV Box

8. Pendoo X6 PRO Android TV Box

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The Android 9.0 television box comes with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that lets you have seamless connectivity. This is easy to operate, and it supports 5G Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the product makes sure you use it with ease, and it has a huge memory capacity. Moreover, you can easily use it to watch 4K videos, and it helps to save the bandwidth by up to 50%.

It is also in a compact design and does not require much space for storing. Additionally, it offers you multiple advantages as it comes with USB slots that let you have high-speed transmission. With it, you can have guaranteed satisfaction, and it has many other advanced features.

  • Compact design and high features.
  • USB slot for high transmission.
  • Large memory capacity for more downloads.
  • The features could be better.

#7. Bqeel R1 Pro Android TV Box

7. Bqeel R1 Pro Android TV Box

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If you are looking to have an Android TV box that comes with multiple features, then this is the one for you. This has a large memory space that ensures you do not crash out of memory. Additionally, you can easily expand the memory to up to 128 GB and use it to download media files. Moreover, the dual Wi-Fi, along with Bluetooth, will let you have easy connectivity as well as fast running speed.

This delivers reliable and stable performance and has a Quad-core processor. It ensures there will be no buffering when you stream online content, and you can also play online games. Furthermore, this is lightweight and can be perfect for any family.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth for better performance.
  • Quad core processor and expandable memory.
  • Allows using for different applications.
  • There is no cons as such.

#6. Android 9.0 TV Box by Greatlizard

6. Box by Greatlizard

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Available in the newest design, the Android TV box has an easy operation. It lets you have hassle-free connectivity and can run at fast speed. Additionally, this comes in the powerful CPU and GPU, and you will also find a strong processor. This will not disappoint you when it comes to performance, and it guarantees you to spend more time with your family.

Furthermore, it also has a large memory space, and you can control it from anywhere you want with its remote control. Moreover, this delivers outstanding performance and has great functionality. You will also find other features that let you have a great time.

  • Powerful processor for outstanding performance.
  • Easy connectivity and newest design.
  • Multiple features for user advantage.
  • It does not support YouTube TV.

#5. Android 9.0 TV Box by NinkBox

5. Box by NinkBox

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With this Android 9.0 TV box, you can have a stable and reliable performance. This is perfect for different activities like watching movies, sports or playing online games. Additionally, it comes with wide compatibility, and you can make easy connectivity with this. It also has a hassle-free operation as this comes with remote control.

Moreover, it supports 4K format that lets you have vivid clarity. It comes with dual band Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth, and you can easily connect your mouse or keyboard with it. Furthermore, this will transform your television watching experience, and it supports different formats of the media files.

  • Supports 4K format and wide compatibility.
  • Easy operation due to the remote control.
  • Stable performance with functional design.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#4. Beelink GT King Android 9.0 TV Box

4. Beelink GT King

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Are you looking for an Android television box that lets you have added convenience? This one delivers superior performance and makes sure that you have a great time when you watch television. Moreover, the product comes with a massive storage space of 64 GB that lets you have large software downloads.

Furthermore, it supports 4K format and comes with a dual Wi-Fi antenna design for a stronger Wi-Fi signal. Additionally, the product also has Bluetooth 4.1, and it comes with HDMI and USB ports for user advantage. With it, you can have a simple operation as it comes with a voice remote control.

  • Voice remote control for a superior performance.
  • Large memory space for easy downloads.
  • Strong signal with dual Wi-Fi.
  • Some complaint about the remote.

#3. Android 9.0 TV Box by AIBORS

3. Box by AIBORS

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Equipped with smart features, the Android television box comes loaded with multiple features. This comes with Google certification and is compatible with a wide range of apps. Additionally, this has built-in 4 GB RAM along with 64 GB ROM. Moreover, you can easily switch on to your favorite apps and websites, and it also comes with Bluetooth 4.1.

This will let you have hassle-free connectivity and provides a better user interface. With it, you can have an amazing experience, and it does not require much space for storing. Furthermore, it also has LAN support includes an LED indicator.

  • LED indicator for user advantage.
  • Easy user interface and large space.
  • LAN support and Google certification.
  • The average rating is low.

#2. Android 9.0 TV Box by TICTID

2. Box by TICTID

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Available in a stylish design, the Android TV box comes with many features. This has a memory capacity of 64 GB, and the RAM size is 4 GB. Moreover, it runs with a Quad-Core processor that offers seamless performance. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about any kind of lagging as it supports all types of apps and websites.

This also has great compatibility and let you watch 4K format. It comes with multiple connectivity ports and has 5 GHz of Wi-Fi technology. Furthermore, this delivers reliable performance, and you can have an easy operation with its convenient remote control. The product comes in a complete set and has a high speed.

  • 5 GHz WiFi for high speed.
  • Remote control for easy operation.
  • Quad-core processor and easy connectivity.
  • There is no drawback as such.

#1. TUREWELL Android 9.0 TV Boxes


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With the ability to support 6K format, this one ensures that you have a great encoding of all types of audio and video formats. The Android TV box lets you enjoy all types of apps and games and completely transform your television viewing experience. Additionally, you can enjoy your home theatre system as this supports all types of Android apps.

Moreover, this is easy to use as it has a fast processor along with Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN. Furthermore, it has a large memory storage and is compatible with all types of games, apps, and software.

  • Hassle-free operation and wide compatibility.
  • Supports 6K format for a vivid experience.
  • Fast processor and large memory space.
  • It does not support YouTube TV.

Buying Guide for Android 9.0 TV Boxes

Check out the following points while you buy an Android 9.0 TV box.


An android TV box with a powerful processor will be a perfect buy. The processor is an important thing that you will have to keep in mind. With it, you can have a lag-free experience and use it in a convenient way. It delivers flawless performance and can handle different types of apps.


Always get android 9.0 TV boxes that come in a user-friendly design. If it comes with technical issues, then you will find it hard to operate. See if it has a simple operation that lets you enjoy your gadget comfortably for extended hours.


The storage is according to user requirements. It varies from model to model, and you need to select the one that offers maximum storage. You will also have to see if it comes with a strong RAM that will ensure that you will not run out of storage. It must offer value and lets you have unlimited downloads.

USB and Connectivity:

For better performance, consider the one that comes with a minimum of two USB ports. Some can have more than two USB ports that let you have a better advantage. Connectivity is very important, and you need to see if it comes with Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, or Bluetooth.


For a powerful display, go for the one that comes with dynamic refresh rate switching. This will automatically adjust the refresh rate and lets you see a clear picture. You can also see if it comes with high-efficiency video encoding that can compress the videos for easy transmission.


If you want to have an easy transmission of 2K or 4K videos, see if it comes with an HDMI port. You can also look for other features like 10-bit color, dual boot, easy operation, and other advanced features that let you have a convenient time.


If you already have a TV and you do not want to invest in buying a smart TV, you need to buy an Android TV box. You can do all that you can do on a smart TV and much more. In today’s world, it is quite popular as everyone wants to have all those features available on smart TV for better and greater entertainment. Check out the buying guide to compare the products better and choose the one that satisfies all your requirements.

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