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The adjustable bed base king is no more exclusive to hospital bedrooms. Anyone can buy an adjustable bed base and place the compatible mattress on it to enjoy the benefits. There are various health benefits you can avail of. It helps in getting relief from snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, acid reflux, chronic pain, inflammation, and likewise. The blood circulation in your body will be perfect, and you can use it comfortably when you have poor mobility. Check out the top 10 best adjustable bed bases in 2021 below.


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10 Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base


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This adjustable bed base with extra-large twin size can withstand the weight up to 660-pounds. The base also offers better compatibility with most of the mattresses, like gel foam, hybrid, inner-spring, and memory foam. Moreover, the wireless remote controller of the base comes with separate foot and head sections. So, you can control the elevation of the sections as per your comfort.

This base also comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 660-pounds. Furthermore, you can simply elevate the bed to watch TV, work on your laptop or read a magazine. The separate head and foot sections efficiently distribute your body weight. So, you can sleep peacefully on this adjustable bed base. You can optionally use this base with or without bed frame.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  It comes with some preset elevation modes.
  •  Uniformly distributes body mass.
  •  The base is useable with and without a bed-frame.

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9 Giantex Adjustable Bed Base


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The adjustable bed base comes along with individually controllable head and foot sections. So, you can elevate the sections as per your convenience. The bed base also comes along with several vibration massagers and different massage modes. Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable massaging session at your convenience. The preset modes include zero-gravity, anti-snore, and TV positions. The memory function retains your last-saved elevating position.

The bed base also comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 772-lbs. Furthermore, the wireless remote controller comes along with a flashlight for your ease of operation. The UBS ports of the base allow you to recharge your devices by enjoying a comfortable massage. This adjustable base has 3 different massaging modes of constant, wave, and pulse.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Includes different massage and vibration modes.
  •  The wireless remote with memory function.
  •  Separated head and foot sections.


8 Sealy Reflexion Adjustable Base


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This adjustable bed base comes with a wall-hugging design. So, this base also helps you to adjust the frame without touching or causing any damage to the walls. The base also comes along with a mattress retention bar. Therefore, the frame prevents the mattress from sliding during the elevation of the bed. You can independently adjust the head and foot sections.

You can also unlimitedly adjust the positions of the base at your convenience. Furthermore, with the help of 3 pre-programmed memory settings, the base lets you choose different reclining positions. Therefore, you can get lounge mode, incline mode, and zero-gravity mode. The base allows you to enjoy full body massage with 2 different massage modes. You can easily control the massage intensity accordingly.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  The space-saving wall-hugging construction.
  •  Effortlessly controllable massage intensities.
  •  Individually controllable head and footrests.

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7 Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed Base


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The adjustable bed base comes with several bed positions, like TV-watching, zero-gravity, flat, head, and leg-only. The extra-large twin size base also takes minimal time for installation. Moreover, with the help of a wired remote controller, the bed base helps you to adjust the positions accordingly. Therefore, you can separately elevate the head and foot sections of the base.

The adjustable base also comes along with contemporary grey linen upholstery. Furthermore, you can simply use this frame with any memory foam mattress up to 8-inch thickness. Therefore, you do not need other foundations to use the base. With the help of a mattress retainer bracket, this bed base keeps the mattress in a place. The foundation can take a maximum load of 300-lbs.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Includes a wired remote controller.
  •  A base with a plush linen cover.
  •  It comes with a mattress retainer rail.


6 DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed Base


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The adjustable bed base with the size of split-king can take a maximum load up to 1800-lbs. The base also involves the construction of high-quality steel. So, the base reliably holds the mattress in a proper place with the help of a mattress retention bar. Moreover, the adjustable base comes along with under-bed LED lighting. The present elevation position of the base lets you adjust the base in a zero-gravity position.

You can also elevate the leg section up to 75-degree. Therefore, you can separately elevate the leg section up to 45-degree. Furthermore, the new-tech base has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, speakers with subwoofers, and wireless remote controllers. The memory function of the base lets you save the last-used position for your convenient.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  It comes with a huge weight-bearing capacity.
  •  Have smart Bluetooth connectivity.
  •  It comes with inbuilt speakers, subwoofers.


5 Sven & Son Adjustable Bed Base King


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This adjustable bed base with mattress retention rail keeps the mattress in a proper place while elevating. The king-size base also comes with some preset positions, like TV/PC, anti-snore, and zero-gravity. So, the memory function retains the last used elevation position for your convenience. Moreover, the 18-button remote controller comes with an emergency power-down feature for safety. The remote controller comes with an inbuilt flashlight.

You can also separately elevate the head section up to 75-degree and the foot section up to 45-degree. Furthermore, the bed base comes along with a mattress retention bar system. So, you do not have to worry about the misplacing of the mattress during elevation. The base comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1500-lbs.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  The remote controller has a flashlight.
  •  Independently adjustable head and foot bases.
  •  Mattress retainer rail for convenience.

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4 iDealBed Adjustable Bed Base King


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The adjustable bed base comes along with a user-friendly wireless remote controller. With the help of 3-in-1 height options, you can adjust the foot section from 4, 7 to 11-inch. Therefore, the separate head and foot sections of the bed base let you individually elevate the mattresses. The dual USB charging facility and the flashlight make your sleeping more convenient.

The King-size adjustable base also allows you to elevate the head and foot sections up to 70 and 42-degree. Furthermore, you can adjust the base in 3 different preset positions, like zero-gravity, anti-snore, and flat base. Therefore, the base comes along with a super-smooth and ultra-quiet motor. You can enjoy 4 different types of massages, intensity levels with 10 to 30-minutes timer option.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  It comes with adjustable height options.
  •  It comes with unique dual-charging ports.
  •  Incorporates a noiseless and smooth motor.


3 LUCID Adjustable Bed Base


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This queen-sized adjustable bed base easily accommodates the mattresses with a maximum thickness of 14-inch. The base also comes with the construction of a high-quality steel frame. So, it can safely withstand a large amount of weight. Moreover, the base comes with a universal design to fit most of the bed frames. Therefore, the foldable hinges of the base make transportation and storage convenient.

The head and foot sections of the adjustable base are also separate adjustable. So, you can adjust the angles of the head section from zero to 58-degree. Furthermore, you can simply elevate the foot section from zero to 45-degree. Therefore, you can have a comfortable reclining position at your convenience. The motor of the base works smoothly and silently to maintain the quiet atmosphere of a bedroom.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Matches with most of the mattress types.
  •  It comes with a smooth-rolling and silent motor.
  •  It comes with collapsible hinges.


2 LUCID Remote Control Adjustable Bed Base


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With an ergonomic design, this adjustable bed base can withstand up to 750-pound of weight. The base also takes about 5-minutes to assemble and set up it against the bed. Moreover, the nearly-silent and smooth-elevating process make this base suitable to use in your bedroom. Therefore, the elevation process helps pregnant women to sleep or rest comfortably. The base comes with a separate head and foot elevating processes.

The base also comes in charcoal gray color to blend with any décor. Furthermore, you can adjust the angle of the head base from zero to 60-degree. Therefore, the foot base inclines from zero to 45-degree. The programmable memory function of the base retains your last-used position. The base comes along with a wireless remote controller with a flashlight for your convenience.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  It takes very little time for installation.
  •  It comes with a contemporary upholstery.
  •  Includes programmable memory function.


1 Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base King


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The adjustable bed base king is compatible with the mattresses of latex, hybrid, inner-spring, gel foam, and memory foam. You can also use this base with your air mattress. Moreover, this king-size base comes with a programmable elevation position. Therefore, you can use this scientifically-designed adjustable base for head and foot massage. The wireless remote controller helps you to elevate the base up to three-leg heights.

The mattress retention rail of this base also keeps the mattresses in place while elevating the base. Furthermore, the whisper-quiet elevation process of the base makes it convenient to use in your bedroom and other spaces. The separate head and foot elevation processes help you to control the elevation with ease. Therefore, you can adjust the base in zero-gravity, lounge, or TV/PC positions.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Works with different types of mattresses.
  •  Consists of some preset positions.
  •  It comes with a programmable elevation process.

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Buying Guide For Adjustable Bed Base King –

Check out the main points while you buy an adjustable bed base king.

Size –

During the up-gradation of the bedding furniture, the size is one of the major concerns you cannot overlook. The adjustable bed bases in the market are widely available in different sizes. You can also get bases for your twin-size beds to California king-size beds.

You need to measure the space as well as the measurements of the bases individually the brands are offering. However, the sizes provided by the brands ideally suit the bed frame sizes of the same brands. Some brands provide uniform size to fit the sizes of several bed frames across different brands. It is also important to measure the size of your mattress.

Weight Capacity  –

An adjustable bed base withstands both a load of your mattress and your body mass. Therefore, you must go through the weight-bearing capacity of the individual bed bases. For your utmost convenience, you should add the weight of the mattress with your weight to determine the ideal weight-bearing capacity of the bed base. So, you need to look for a base which at least comes with 2-times extra load-bearing capacity of your weight.

Accessories –

Most of the bed bases come with electric motors to control the elevation. So, these machines come along with a wired or wireless remote. A wireless remote is very much convenient and easy to use by the users. Some smart remotes have limited functions. So, you need to install the smart applications provided by the manufacturers for detailed operations.

Mattress Type-

The adjustable bed bases do not make compatibility with all the mattresses available in the market. To install a bed base, you must check if the mattress you are using is flexible or not. However, a standard bed base mostly accommodates a mattress from 10 to 14-inch thickness. These bases are suitable for memory foam, hybrid foam, and more.


Conclusion –

There are different types and designs of adjustable bed bases available to choose from. There are also many factors to consider while buying an adjustable bed base. Therefore, we have put forward a buying guide so that you can understand those parameters better and choose the best product that can serve your requirements perfectly.

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