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If you are looking to buy a new TV for your home or office, there are a lot of parameters you have to check and so many variants of TVs available these days. It has to be LED and not LCD. The TV has to be smart so that you can control it conveniently. The resolution has to be full HD for life-like picture quality. Our team has done a thorough research, and we are listing down the top 10 best 1080p smart LED HDTVs for you to purchase from.

List of Top 10 Best 1080p Smart LED HDTVs In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Insignia 39-inch Full HD Smart LED TV

10. Insignia 39-inch Full HD Smart LED TV

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The LED HDTV offers the screen resolution of 1080p. This 39-inch television is also able to produce realistic details, vivid colors with rich contrast. Moreover, this Fire TV comes along with preloaded thousands of channels, applications, games and so on. This smart TV comes with STARZ, Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and more.

With the help of an HD antenna, the TV also allows you to watch live over-the-air channels. Furthermore, the television comes with several inputs and outputs, like HDMI, HDMI with ARC, antenna/cable output, USB, composite input, audio output, and so on. This set is compatible with voice assistants like Google and Alexa.

  • Alexa support and built-in Fire TV.
  • High-quality picture with rich contrast.
  • Easy connectivity with multiple ports.
  • The OS is not that great.

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#9. TCL 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTVs

9. TCL 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTVs

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This smart LED TV comes with the screen size of 40-inch. With the screen resolution of 1080p, you can also enjoy realistic images with crisp details and vivid colors. Moreover, the direct-lit LED of the screen is able to generate exceptional picture quality. The device hassle-freely works with voice assistants, like Alexa and Google.

You can also easily connect this device with your home Wi-Fi to stream over 500,000 contents from the Roku TV. Furthermore, this device comes along with three HDMI ports with one HDMI ARC, RF, headphone jack, USB, and optical audio out. You can easily transform your tablet or smartphone into a Roku remote.

  • Crisp picture and voice assistant compatibility.
  • Improved picture quality with direct-lit LED.
  • Easy connectivity and mobile sync feature.
  • There is no cons to point out.

#8. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

8. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

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This ultra-sleek LED HDTV comes with a widescreen with almost frameless design. The 40-inch television also has the screen aspect ratio of 16:9. Moreover, the device is compatible with most of the screen resolution from 480i to 1080p. This set has the screen resolution of 1920X1080p. with the help of inbuilt dual-tuner, this TV allows you to connect with cable without any antenna.

This television also offers both the horizontal and vertical viewing angles up to 176-degree. Furthermore, with the help of two 10-watt inbuilt speakers, this LED TV comes with digital noise-reduction technology of ultra-clear sound. This set comes with HDMI, A/V input, VGA, USB, and optical digital inputs and outputs.

  • Dual tuners for better performance.
  • High resolution and contrast ratio of 3500:1.
  • Powerful sound and easy controls.
  • The average rating is quite low.

#7. Sceptre 40″ Slim LED FHD 1080p TV

7. Sceptre 40" Slim LED FHD 1080p TV

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This LED TV with the screen size of 40-inch is able to deliver contents at the resolution of 1920X1080p. With the help of QAM tuner, the television also lets you have easy cable connection without any antenna. Moreover, the flat TV with minimal frame design easily blends with any modern room décor.

This device also comes along with three HDMI ports and one with MHL. Furthermore, the MHL connection allows you to stream several contents from your compatible tablets, smartphones, and more other devices. This TV comes with inbuilt speakers to deliver audios with an impressive bass response and surround sound.

  • Easy to mount and high performance.
  • High bass response with DTS TruSurround.
  • Hassle-free connectivity with USB.
  • The sound quality could be better.

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#6. Sceptre 40″ Class 1080p Smart LED HDTVs

6. Sceptre 40" Class 1080p Smart LED HDTVs

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With the screen resolution of 1080p, the LED TV is able to deliver images with super-clear details with an array of colors. This television also comes with a flat-screen with a sleek profile and easily fits any tight space. Moreover, the super-thin framing of this TV lets you enjoy a full-screen for the theater-like watching experience.

With the help of a QAM tuner, the TV also lets you connect the cable without any need for an antenna. Furthermore, this full-HD screen of the set comes with the screen refresh-rate to deliver no-delay and distortion-free images. This television has HDMI, VGA/PC ports, and numerous inputs to access and connect with several devices.

  • User convenience with Bluetooth feature.
  • Clear audio and slim design.
  • Rich picture with vivid details.
  • There is no cons at all.

#5. VIZIO SmartCast 32′ Class FHD LED TV

5. VIZIO SmartCast 32' Class FHD LED TV

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This LED TV, with its sleek and flat-screen design, comes with a screen size of 32-inch. The full-array display of this television also produces super-clear images of your screen. Moreover, the aspect ratio of this device is of 16:9. The full-array backlit display makes it convenient for your eyes while maintaining a smart lighting system and color patterns.

This smart TV also comes with the screen resolution of 1920X1080p. Furthermore, the almost frameless design of this television makes it extremely stylish and suitable for most of the modern room décors. The television comes with 10-watt RMS audio to deliver powerful sounds with ultra-clear images.

  • Hassle-free connectivity with internet access.
  • Outstanding audio due to DTS Studiosound.
  • Great picture quality and high volume.
  • It takes some time to set up properly.

#4. AXESS 40-Inch 1080p LED HDTV Digital Speakers

4. AXESS 40-Inch 1080p LED HDTV Digital Speakers

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With the screen size of 40-inch, the LED HDTV brings life to every motion pictures of your contents. The set also comes with the display resolution of 1366X768p. Moreover, to get clarity in your pictures, this TV lets you enjoy contents at the resolution of 1920X1080p with no detail-loss. With the help of three HDMI ports, you can easily connect your devices with this set.

The inbuilt speakers of this television also allow you to enjoy super-sharp audios with noise-cancellation technology. Furthermore, the flat-screen design of this set suits most of the contemporary room décor. The set comes along with a fully-functional remote controller for convenient operations. For several connections, the device has PC inputs, HDMI ports, USB ports, and an AUX output.

  • Functional remote control for user comfort.
  • Multiple inputs for easy connectivity.
  • Powerful audio due to built-in speakers.
  • There are mixed reviews.

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#3. Premium 32 Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTVs by Pyle

3. Premium 32 Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTVs by Pyle

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The backlight flat-screen display of this LED TV allows you to watch contents at the resolutions of 480i to 1080p. You cannot only install this set against your wall but also use it as a free-standing model according to your need. Moreover, compatible with several devices, this TV comes with three HDMI ports, VGA/PC port, and ATSC/NTSC tuner RF antenna.

This 32-inch LED TV also comes with the display resolution of 1366X768p. Furthermore, the television has built-in Left and Right RCA 8-watt speakers to deliver super-clear realistic sound with powerful bass. This set includes optical digital audio, and you can connect your headphone with the help of AUX port.

  • Removable base and VESA mounting option.
  • Screen size of 32 inches.
  • High color system for better performance.
  • The sound is not very loud.

#2. Pyle 23.6-Inch 1080p LED TV Stereo Speakers

2. Pyle 23.6-Inch 1080p LED TV Stereo Speakers

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This LED TV supports both the wall-mounting and stand-alone installation for your convenience. With the screen size of 23.6-inch, this television also allows you to stream contents at the resolution of 1080p. Moreover, the extended colors spectrum of the screen is able to deliver crisp and realistic image viewing. The TV comes along with inbuilt wide-range stereo speakers to offer ultra-clear and lifelike audio.

This multi-functional device also lets you access several media, like audios, images, and more from different compatible devices. Furthermore, the TV easily connects with your PC or Mac, so you cast your screen with no difficulty. This television comes with a fully-functional remote controller.

  • Upgraded design for outstanding picture.
  • Easy controls and side buttons.
  • Multiple display modes and widescreen display.
  • The sound quality can improve.

#1. Skyworth E-Series 40″ Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTVs

1. Skyworth E-Series 40" Inch

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With the screen size of 40-inch, the LED TV lets you enjoy realistic audios and videos beyond every limit. The screen of this television also comes with the refresh rate of 60-Hz, so you can enjoy real-time and distortion-free picture clarity. Moreover, the screen does not compromise any picture quality while you can enjoy super-sharp contents at 1080p resolution.

This television also comes along with a distinctive and classy black piano finish to add shine to any décor. Furthermore, equipped with internal boastful speakers, the TV brings the ultra-clear and hyper-realistic Dolby digital cinematic sound every time. This device has a USB, A/V cable and two HDMI ports.

  • Black piano finish for a stylish look.
  • High refresh rate for better image quality.
  • Multiple input and output ports.
  • There is no negative point.

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Buying Guide for 1080p Smart LED HDTVs

The following is the list of the parameters while you buy 1080p Smart LED HDTVs.


Smart LED TVs come in different sizes, and you can select the appropriate size according to your space. However, you should know that bigger is better as it will let you see your favorite show on a large screen. Calculate the size of the wall along with the screen and then make your buy. The size also varies according to the distance of the television from your sitting position. The larger size will let you know the precise details and offers better performance no matter what the size of the room.


A smart LED HDTV that comes with easy connectivity will be a perfect buy. Make sure it includes multiple connectivity ports like USB, Ethernet, HDMI, audio, and so on. If it comes with built-in WiFi, then you don’t have to worry about the tangling cables. It must allow you to set it up easily, and there must be no complications.


A smart HDTV that has all the important features like smart remote control will be an ideal buy. See, if it lets you watch contents from popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. If it lets you have voice controls and include Alexa compatibility, then you can have better convenience. You will also have to consider the picture quality and brightness. It must have a slim and modern look so that it enhances the look of your décor.

Picture Quality:

Many factors can determine picture quality. Look at the refresh rate so that it lets you war clear images. It must come with a minimum of 120 Hz refresh rate. There is also a native refresh rate that is responsible for a smoother picture.


For better performance, it must come with a powerful processor so that there will be faster streaming. It will also let you watch a smooth picture and makes you download fast.


If you are buying a TV for the first time or you are not aware of the present buying parameters, the buying guide will be immensely useful for you. We have listed the TV from the different brands, and even though the basic specifications are same, there are many additional features they have. Therefore, go through all of them before making your purchasing decisions.

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